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Belief is the key to success

Belief is the key to success

Belief is the key to success.

I have heard this and read this more times that I care to remember and in the past, while I tried to accept this fully, I think part of me resisted the truth in this. The concept seemed too simple and easy. Surely if that was the truth, everyone would be successful and at that time I was seeing too many people struggle.

I knew that belief was important, but I couldn’t accept it was the key to success and I think that part of me wanted to prove that:

  • If I worked hard enough the money would come.
  • If I was nice enough to people and really transformed their lives I would deserve the money I craved.
  • If I was cheap enough and offered no brainer prices, of course people would sign up.
  • If I over gave and exceeded their expectations for all the free stuff I created and delivered, then when it came to sharing my offers, they would be crazy not to buy.
  • If I had a plan and stuck to it, then money had to follow.
  • If I listened to all the advice and followed it, then I was guaranteed success.
  • If I took consistent action towards my dream…. then my dreams would have to become a reality.
  • If I faced my fears and pushed past procrastination and self sabotage, then surely money and success would follow.

And being an energy healer and into the ‘woo side’ of things I took all this one step further…

  • I thought that clearing my energy, opening my heart and being ready to receive would be enough.
  • I thought that if I tapped everyday, did my gratitude journal nightly, had a beautiful crystal grid set up and listened to my meditation with complete dedication.. that this was the missing piece for bringing in the money I wanted.

BUT, the problem is that none of this is enough, on it’s own, or even together…. because without belief that it’s possible, you’re wasting your time and fighting against a power and energy much bigger than you.

Everything comes down to what we believe, not how hard we work, what we feel we deserve, or even if we’re a nice person or not – which I can assure you bugged the hell out of me when I came to accept that truth.

If we’re missing belief, we’re missing the very key to our success and our dreams… YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE … yes I’m shouting as I really need you to hear this and feel it with every cell of your body.

So ask yourself why you don’t believe it’s possible for you?

Why can’t you make money doing what you love?

Why don’t you believe in yourself and everything you’re capable of?

Why don’t you feel that you can rely on money?

Whatever your belief, explore it, understand it, challenge the hell out of it and then decide that you get to choose what life looks like.

When you master your mindset and clear the negativity you create a space for miracles and magic to happen. By releasing old beliefs and connecting with your inner power and confidence, you know without doubt, that anything is possible.

Remember, belief is the key to your success…. so are you ready to unlock the door to your dreams?

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Until next time!


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