Why aren’t my passive income products selling?

Why aren’t my passive income products selling?

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. (Warren Buffet)

As an entrepreneur the dream scenario is to have all the choice and freedom we desire in our life and business… and often income from products we have already created supports us in achieving this. We want to leverage and utilise what we have already built, written or created, because we know that the earning potential is limitless and we could finally have the work life balance we crave. We are sick of trading time for money and we want to have income that doesn’t always require our presence and our energy!

The options for passive income are limitless, but here are some ideas if you’re looking for inspiration – Ebooks/books,  Ecourse, PDF’s, pre-recorded workshop or masterclass, or maybe even some meditations.

Passive really does help people to live their dream life, but for every person who has made it and has exactly what they want, there are thousands of others who struggle when it comes to actually receiving money from their products. They feel like they have done everything right; created all the right systems, followed all the marketing  and business coach advice and yet the income still isn’t there.

So what could be the problem for you?

Let’s assume that you have the sales system all figured out. You are marketing and promoting your offering, you have the sales page set up with a clear call to action, the funnel to nurture potential clients is working beautifully and yet sales just aren’t happening. You’re frustrated and feeling like you’ve wasted a huge amount of time and effort… so let’s look at some potential mindset blocks, by reviewing these questions:

  • Do you believe in what you are selling? Are you proud of it and would you buy it? If you believe that it’s a waste of money, then that is the energy that will surround it. People will be turned off by it and not really know why – you must create something of value. Too many people believe they can chuck any old rubbish out there and people will buy it…..passive income is never truly passive and you must create things of value.
  • Does it enrich, enlighten, or transform people’s lives… or is it just another useless piece of content?
  • Does it help with what you have claimed, or are you relying on clever marketing to simply make the sale and hope no one asks for a refund?
  • Are you asking a fair price for what you’re giving?
  • Do you worry that people could find the information for free if they just looked hard enough?
  • Do you worry that other people offer a superior or better product? Are you comparing?
  • Are you worried about the price and if people will buy it?
  • Is there any mindset block within you, that says earning money is not allowed to be this easy? The belief of ‘you must work hard for money’ is so common here.
  • Finally….and this is a big one, do you struggle to receive? If so, then this could be the biggest block standing in your way. There is something in our mind that makes it okay to receive money for actual hours of work done, but when money  comes too easily, we start questioning if we deserve it. It plays into the belief above around ‘you must work hard for money’ and the fear we should have done more, or given more.

So what can you do to test these theories out and overcome your blocks:

  • Reflect on the questions above. If you have any insights, then consider what action needs to be taken. For example, maybe you need to add more content, lower the price, work on your own mindset, or practice receiving.
  • Ask yourself if you would pay the price you’re asking and if you would be pleased with what you had received – if the answer is no, then you clearly have work to do, or adjustments need to be made.
  • Use EFT to remove any blocks that come up – this is always my favourite approach to things, because it’s quick, easy and can get to the root cause of things in a flash.
  • Finally, it goes without saying that you should express gratitude every day! Keep a gratitude journal and write about how thankful you are for the amazing product you have created and for all those people who benefit from your knowledge, skills and experience. Keeping your energetic vibration high, will bring more abundance to you.

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If you have any questions then just let me know.

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