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8 signs you’re scared of success and sabotaging yourself

8 signs you’re scared of success and sabotaging yourself

Some of you may be thinking that no one could possible have a fear of success and surely no one would consciously choose to block money, success and opportunities…. that’s just crazy talk!

But actually this is much more common that you might think.

Despite wanting more in their life and feeling ready, part of them is scared about the changes that will occur and the uncertainty they will now have to deal with. It’s the classic case of ‘internal energetic conflict’ and often leads to people feeling stuck, frustrated and confused over why nothing is working.

Let’s take the example of wanting more money – I say I want more money, but I’m scared what this will mean for my life… maybe I’ll have to work really hard and forfeit time with my family or going to the gym. I’ll have to find more money for the tax man and already I’m struggling. What if people around me get jealous of my success and expect me to pay for everything. What if I earn more money than my husband and he feels emasculated… he might leave me. Can you begin to see how the mind works?

So let’s look at 8 ways you could be scared of success and sabotaging yourself:

  1. You’re turning down opportunities – for example, the chance to be interviewed by others on their facebook page, or their podcasts, Maybe you’ve been asked to run a workshop, or be a guest expert on someone else’s program.
  2. You’re not chasing invoices, asking for the money, or charging your worth.
  3. You’re procrastinating and delaying on creating content, putting yourself out there and grasping opportunities.
  4. People are trying to book in with you, or pay you and you’re not securing the new business or sending invoices to those waiting to pay you.
  5. Just as everything is about to fall into place, you suddenly decide that you have to give your attention to something else and so you fall at the last hurdle.
  6. You start to question if this is really your path or purpose and if you really want to do this and you withdraw your energy and focus from your current direction.
  7. Your inner critic suddenly goes crazy and starts to tell you that you’re not enough, you’re a fraud and that everyone is going to find you out.
  8. You have shiny object syndrome. You start getting some momentum in your business and all of a sudden you lose your concentration and focus by a new opportunity that you just have to explore immediately.

If you want to go deeper with this and see if there is any truth in any of this for you, do this short exercise and answer these questions:

  • Take some nice deep breathes in and out and visualize your dream life. How do you spend your time (think about work and home), what do you spend your money on, who is in your life, perhaps someone is no longer in your life, how your body feels?
  • Did any of these things bring up anything uncomfortable for you?
  • When you think about a thriving business, with plenty of money coming in and being in demand, what comes up for you?
  • Which people or situations are no longer in your life? Are you okay with that? Are you scared about the process of making this happen? Perhaps there are some difficult conversations to be had!
  • How does the future ‘you’ feel, emotionally and physically?

All of this can be very emotionally painful, especially when you know exactly what you are doing and you just can’t figure out why! You spend your energy beating yourself up and then feeling even worse about yourself. Surely you would be crazy to sabotage your success… the key is always self awareness and knowing what you’re scared of.

For some people it can be extremely deep fears, being alone, being rejected or judged, not feeling as if they deserve success, the fear of change and the uncertainty that comes with life moving forward. Even if it’s positive change, which includes things such as earning more money or having more choice and freedom, the change is still uncomfortable because they no longer know what life is going to look like.

So can you now see where you’re sabotaging yourself and why? I’d love you to share below and if you’re ready to go deeper into all of this, then ARISE, could be the perfect place for you. A supportive community of women who are all ready to step out of the shadows and share their gifts and talents with the world.

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