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8 of the most common limiting beliefs

8 of the most common limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts that buzz around your mind and keep you playing small in a life that you’ve outgrown. The ache in your heart, the frustration you feel and the feeling that time is running out… it’s your soul begging you to makes some changes and start living the life you were meant to live and not the one you’ve settled for.

These noisy thoughts are always there, but they can become louder when we’re going through a period of growth and expansion! When we finally listen to the whispers of our soul, part of us starts to freak out and does everything it can to prevent the change from happening. It convinces you that it’s not safe and that your very survival is at stake… so dramatic and totally untrue!

The key is in being self aware enough to move past them and see them for what they really are…. stories and we can always re-write stories!

1) I’m too old to do this…. let me share a personal example with you. A family friend was 68 when he won his first ever horse race… all his life he wanted to race, but family responsibilities took over! He still rode 6 days a week for pleasure, helping to train at his local yard and when he turned 68 he decided it was time to enter a race and try his luck….and he won!!! Against all those young whipper snappers who were a third of his age too. If he can do this with his physical body when most people are sipping tea on the sofa, you certainly can too! No more excuses ladies, you have not left it too late and you’re not too far behind.

2) I don’t know enough. You don’t need to know all the answers with everything you do, in fact I think it’s pretty arrogant of anyone to think they know everything, even in their field of expertise, because there is always new stuff coming to light, or new ways to look at things. You just have to know a little more than the people you want to help.

3) I can’t make money doing what I love. This comes up so much in the creative arts – painting, writing acting, dancing, cooking and music. It’s also something I see a great deal with healers… often these beliefs are not even our own, they have been projected onto us but parents who fear for our financial security. They’re trying to protect us and keep us safe, but in doing so they’re not accepting who we really are.

4) I don’t have the qualifications that other people have, or the letters after my name. It’s nice to have qualifications and of course in some professions you absolutely must, but I can tell you now that often people who have the official pieces of paper give the worst advice. They are coming from a place of text book theory and one size fits all and they are so deeply disconnected from their own intuition, that they can make the situation worse!

5) I’ll have to work really long hours to get the money I want and need. Here’s the truth, maybe in the beginning you will have to work hard, but once you have your foundations dug and you’re building your business in a way that feels right and authentic to you, then you’ll be able to take your foot off the gas! You always have choice when it comes to your business and so set the intention of being open to ideas that provide leverage and passive income.. plus ensure you’re owning your true worth and charging a fair rate for the transformation you provide.

6) No one will listen to me, or even care about what I have to say. This belief often stems from childhood and a time when no one was listening to us, or even seemed to care about what we thought or were going through. Perhaps you were even asked to share an opinion about something and were ignore… therefore forming the belief that speaking up and speaking your truth is pointless anyway. People need your unique voice and it’s only when you speak that they listen.

7) I’m never going to figure all this business stuff out, so what’s the point in wasting my time and energy, nothing is working and I’m sick of trying. Let’s be honest, we’ve all had moments like this. The limiting beliefs got very loud and very repetitive and we couldn’t drown them out. When we think like this, we’re also coming from a place of lack, which then means we get more of that. We’re caught in a cycle that we just can’t break, which adds to the frustration.

8) I don’t deserve to be successful and to have everything I want. We’ve been brought up in a society where we’re constantly told ‘you can’t have it all’…. well why not? Who made up that rule and if they want to live by it, then fine, but don’t project onto everyone else who is striving for more. This is a time for greater compassion toward yourself.

I’d love to know which ones resonate for you and if you’re ready to move past them?

Watching people struggle and play small breaks my heart, because I know how unhappy they really are living a half life… they know they’re capable of more and yet they’re scared to even begin. Let me hold your hand as you peel back the layers and step out of the shadows.. it’s time to put yourself out there. No more excuses, no more delaying, no more hiding.

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