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5 reasons you won’t ask for your intimate needs to be met

5 reasons you won’t ask for your intimate needs to be met

Speaking up and asking for what you want is hard at the best of times, but when you add in the topic of intimacy and pleasure, it can leave people terrified.

Fears are often rooted in things that are nothing to do with physical intimacy, but in the moment, this is what we focus on. When we don’t feel able to express our truth and we hold back, it results in us feeling disconnected from ourselves and our partner; ultimately not having the pleasure and experiences we really desire.

Take a look at the 5 reasons below and see if any of these resonate with you:

  • It doesn’t feel safe to speak up. In the past you’ve been shut down, or there have been consequences for speaking up – feeling humiliated, laughed at, belittled or even ignored. So staying quiet feels easier and safer.
  • You don’t know what you want when it comes to physical intimacy. How can you ask another for what you want when you can’t put words to it yourself. We have to set our partners up to win and simply saying you don’t feel fulfilled or satisfied, isn’t clear enough. A big part of this is committing to self exploration and embodying self awareness and self acceptance.
  • You feel very uncomfortable, nervous and squirmy. The whole topic makes you feel very uncomfortable, it was never something spoken about as you grew up; TV channels were quickly switched, conversations avoided and you carry shame and guilt over even enjoying this part of your life.
  • You’re scared of being judged. What if your partner thinks you’re too weird, too kinky, too much for them or even not enough for them. It’s another moment where you fear being all of who you really are and wondering if you’re truly loveable.
  • You’re worried about being rejected. If your partner can’t meet your needs, or has too much judgement over your requests, then you fear abandonment. This might be physical, emotional or energetic.

If anything I’ve shared feels true and present for you, then perhaps it’s time to commit to an inner journey and explore this is a deeper way, reconnecting you to your powerful feminine energy. This is where you’ll shine, glow and feel more like yourself than ever before; full of confidence to ask for what you truly desire.

Awaken My Sexuality Options For A Live Round Programme, Or Self-Study

Are you ready for more fun, play and pleasure when it comes to your intimate life?

Perhaps you know that something is missing in this area, but you aren’t 100% sure what that is. Your partner is ready, willing and excited to go on this new adventure with you, but because you aren’t sure what’s holding you back, what you want, or what’s missing, nothing ever really changes.

During our time together we are going to explore some of the key areas that stop you from having your desires fulfilled and the intimate life you crave.

  • We will release the energy of past lovers and sexual experiences, understanding why energy management is key if you’re sensitive to energy and how this impacts you.
  • We’ll release any guilt and shame over enjoying sex; exploring the good girl syndrome, family and cultural norms.
  • You’ll have a better understanding of what gets in the way of you experiencing the pleasure you desire, why you might fake pleasure and getting clear on what you really enjoy or want to try.
  • You’ll connect with your divine feminine energy, embodying your powerful sensual energy and accepting your body. You’ll feel more confident in asking for what you want and finally bringing your desires to life.

Can you imagine walking around with a smile so big because you’re having so much fun, so much pleasure and you feel like the woman you were always meant to be. This programme is a game changer; I love seeing the transformations, breakthroughs and possibilities…. because I know life is about to get very exciting for these woman and their partners.

Any questions, then please do get in contact.

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