A stressed young woman sits at a kitchen table, holding receipts and looking at a laptop surrounded by papers and a calculator, evidently managing finances or budgeting due to her energetic income ceiling.

4 signs you have an energetic income ceiling

4 signs you have an energetic income ceiling

Do you have an energetic income ceiling? Do you even know what one of these is?

It’s the amount of money you will allow yourself to make/have, before you begin sabotaging things and bringing everything back to a level you feel comfortable with. It’s a classic upper levelling thing!

So, let me share some examples of how you can spot this:

  1. No matter what you do and how hard you work, you always end up earning the same each month/year.
  2. You gain a new high paying client and then find you lose a couple of old ones, again keeping you at the same monthly/yearly income.
  3. You have an amazing month with extra sales or the launch of a new program and then the following month you’re back to where you started, or worse!
  4. You suddenly bring in extra income and before you even get the chance to think about spending it, all these unexpected costs occur.

It’s like spinning plates, you have to work so hard to keep everything going and getting ahead just feels impossible.

So many people have income ceilings, so you’re not alone. The key is being able to spot it and then to work out where this ceiling came from. I guarantee it’s self imposed and if we created this ceiling, then we can smash it too!

I know you’re feeling frustrated at the constant disappointment of thinking you’ve finally sussed it out and making progress, only to find yourself back where you started. It’s exhausting and demoralizing, especially when you know you have so much to offer people and you just want to help. It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t seem fair, yet part of you knows this is a block you have created…. most likely to keep you safe from change and the unknown.

If you’re to have a sustainable business, that brings you joy and happiness, you need to end this feast and famine. Constant worry and anxiety over money is a heavy weight to carry in the body and we all know the physical and emotional toll it can have on us too.

It’s time to break through the self imposed ceiling and if you’re ready, I would love to help you. It’s time to step out the shadows and be paid your truth worth.

If this has resonated for you, then maybe it’s time to have more support. The women in My Healing Membership are amazing – it truly is a safe and supportive space where changes are happening each and every day. We laugh, we cry, we heal and together we’re changing the world, through changing ourselves and our mindsets. I specialise in helping those who associate with being sensitive or an empath, so if you’ve found that other approaches to dealing with your mindset, your money and your confidence just isn’t working… we have crossed paths for a reason!

Just know that you’re not alone and my support is available if you would like it.

Until next time!


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