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I’m scared to raise my prices

January 4, 2018 By 0 Comments

“I know I should raise my prices, but”….

This is something that I hear so such from clients and something I find myself saying too, especially when I’m ready to ‘break through’ to that next income level.

No matter how much you currently charge, it’s always hard to increase your prices. Suddenly our minds become filled with all these fears and doubts. I’m going to share some common fears and some new ways of looking at things:

  • What if people won’t pay my new rates? The truth is, not everyone will be willing, or able to pay your new rates. Just ask yourself if you are willing to stay stuck, living a half life so that other people can afford you.
  • What if I lose clients? Let’s make this easy and rip that band aid off straight away – YOU WILL and knowing this in advance softens the blow! As with the belief above, not everyone will be able to afford you, or will be willing to pay your new rates. However, if you don’t raise your prices in order to make life easier for your clients, you will eventually become resentful as they have the life they love and you are no further forward. Believe me, this is one I know intimately and letting of the responsibility of other people and their money stories was the most freeing thing I have done in the last 12 months.
  • I fear rejection, when people say no and I feel like they are personally rejecting me. When people say no to your new prices, most of the time it’s not about you! Of course there can be an element of them not seeing or believing your value and what you can do for them, but most of the time this is about them. Maybe they truly can’t afford you, or maybe they are not mentally ready to invest that much in themselves.
  • What will people think? Don’t waste your time worrying what others think, it’s a total waste of energy. What does it really matter if they think you’re over priced, it simply means they are not your ideal clients and so the price has given you the perfect filtering process. Now you can focus your time and energy on the people who will value you. I know some people worry about what peers will think too, but you can’t hold your prices back simply because a peer doesn’t value themselves and has an opinion about what you should charge! Let them go and find some higher vibrational people to spend time with!
  • I feel like a fraud or an imposter for charging so much. Write down all of your skills and experience, look at all the testimonials you have received and really let this sink in! You are not a fraud and you deserve to be paid more. If you genuinely feel there is a skills gap, then go and plug it! Read more, join a course, take a workshop… do whatever it takes to own your value.
  • Can I really deliver enough value to justify my new prices? When you meet with every client, ensure you’re bringing your ‘A’ game! What needs to happen so that you feel 100% confident, present and powerful. Put this into place and always look at evolving and developing yourself, so that you can bring more and more to your clients. The transformation and testimonials you see and receive, are all the evidence you need.

Here’s something important that I learnt the hard way last year… when you keep your prices low and constantly buy into other peoples money stories, you are detrimentally impacting your own life. You are making your clients, their lives and their family more important than your own. You will end up exhausted, resentful and questioning your path. Is this really what you want?

To make this easier, reflect on the following:

  • How would it feel to work with fewer people who are really doing the work?
  • How would it feel to have work life balance and to have more time for your own self care?
  • If you charged more, who would you have to become? Think about your own mindset, the way you show up, your boundaries, your self care and your values. Does all this excite you?
  • Are you really willing to stay stuck and trapped because of the opinions of others? If these people judge you, are they really your people? Their thoughts on your prices are their thoughts and none of your business.. don’t lose energy giving them attention. Focus on you and your path!
  • Imagine what it will feel like to charge your worth.
  • Imagine what it would feel like to spend that extra money… what would you buy and where would you go?

You’ve opened your mind to the possibility of raising your prices, but it still feels daunting and you can feel the resistance sneaking in….here are some tips to help:

  1. Reflect on the above questions – you need to get your conscious mind on board to see and feel that change is needed
  2. Try EFT – Even though I’m scared to raise my prices.
  3. Express gratitude for everything you already have in life – the money and clients. We want to bring even more positivity and good stuff into your reality and gratitude is the key to this.
  4. Journal on your ideal life….. imagine you have everything you have ever wanted and you are journalling about the perfect day. Express gratitude for every part of your new life.
  5. Ask yourself what you need to do, to become energetically aligned with your new prices.
  6. Is there anything about being more successful or wealthy that scares you? Most people will argue that this is nonsense, but really take the time to think about this. For example, if I was more success I would have to pay more tax, my family would ask me for handouts, I would leave my partner, I would have to be more visible etc etc. What are the down sides to more money for you?

If you’re ready to raise your prices and earn your true value, then let me help you. My group program (Breakthrough To Abundance) will help you to address your key money issues and much more. Not only will you earn more money, attract more abundance and be more successful, you will also have better work life balance, you’ll feel happier and less stressed, as you are not always trying to control everything that happens. This group program is about improving all areas of your life and helping you to have everything you desire. Click here for more.

Until you take back control of your life and your thoughts, nothing will change, so start here and decide that you’re ready to earn consistent income easily and to finally be valued for what you do and who you are!

Until next time!


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