So…… are you ready to become an empowered woman?

There comes a moment for all of us when we wake up and just decide that enough is enough and that we want more! We feel like perhaps we’re selfish for not being happy or satisfied with the life we are living – but the truth is we were not meant for the ordinary, the superficial or the satisfactory. That ache in our hearts is not one we can ignore anymore!

We want to feel alive….

  • We want to feel connected to ourselves on every level and to know with absolute clarity who we are and what we want from life. We want to do things everyday that inspire us and make us feel fulfilled and complete.
  • We want our partners to understand and accept every part of us. We want them to be fully present to us and to really hear our words – holding space as we share our fears, our deepest emotions and our dreams. We want to be held and touched in such a way that we always feel safe, that our heart opens and our body melts, we want to be loved with such passion that we have no fear in embracing our true feminine energy. We want and deserve true intimacy and connection with a person who deserves us… we want real love and we aren’t afraid to admit it!
  • We want our job, purpose or calling to light us up, so that every day we can jump out of bed with sheer gratitude that we get paid to do what we love. We are sharing our gifts, talents and love with the world and making it a better place because of it. We are also being paid what we are worth and we are owning our value.
  • We want friends and colleagues around us who inspire us to be more. They share our successes and our tears, they are always there for us….. with a helping hand, an open ear, or a glass of wine. Because of them we feel like we belong and we fit in!
  • We want to trust ourselves completely and know that we make good decisions. The self doubt has been replaced with a sense of peace and confidence. Whatever life throws your way, you will survive and not only that you will thrive!
  • We want to be able to let go of emotions, negativity, people and situations that no longer serve us. We are not prepared to carry around toxic emotions that affect our emotional and physical well being. We know that energetic frequency is key when it comes to being able to receive more abundance into our lives and so we actively work on healing and self growth.
  • We want a body that is healthy and vibrant. We treat it with the respect it deserves and in return it supports us in living a full and active life.

Everyday we are leaders and role models to those around us and to our children – we teach them how to honor, love and respect themselves. We show them that they can have and be anything they put their minds too! No longer will we be caged, labelled or held down by people who are not able to hold our energy!

We are empowered women and the world had better watch out…because we are ready to soar and fly free!

If this sounds like the kind of life you are dreaming of and it’s the kind of women you want to become, then sign up on my home page for 5 free EFT videos – we look at believing in yourself, people pleasing, self sabotage, not speaking your truth and being unable to let go of the past!

It’s time to believe in yourself and take action!

This is what Karen (Professional TV and Film Actress) said about working with me and one of my programs:

“Marie’s program is fantastic value for money, so much useful and straight forward content. I undertook this course for personal and professional development and it delivered on both counts, with more besides. I moved from a place of worry and lack to more abundance in all areas of my life. The fact that you can go back and retake modules is great too. Doing this course I felt completely supported by both Marie and the other group members, especially when tricky or uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and beliefs came up about myself or the world. I have continued to work with Marie one to one since the course finished and am seeing (and feeling) my energy levels raised and supported and my life develop into one in which I’m thriving and not just surviving. Thank you again Miracle worker Marie”!

I am passionate about this, as you can probably tell – I spent years denying and repressing my true power and now I want to ensure that no other women does this needlessly. If you know you need to develop a more positive mindset and you are ready to become an empowered women, the I would love you to join us.

Until next time!


EFT Practitioner & Energy Worker

Helping the empowered woman who is ready to banish negativity, self-doubt & self-sabotage forever – time to believe in yourself and take action!

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