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The importance of emotional detoxing if you want to manifest more money, abundance & opportunity

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Why is it that we will happily put our body through a vigorous detox, but yet we don’t even consider doing the same thing for our mind! We will spend a fortune on the right supplements, the latest diet, a personal trainer….. anything to get us the results we desire for our body!

But here’s the thing – I believe that the body and mind is connected and so having a healthy mind is essential if we want to live a life that is free from stress, anxiety and various other aches and pains, as well as allowing us to feel happy, positive and to enjoy life. To have a healthy mind we have to emotionally detox!

Now, here’s where I take things one step further, because I also believe that emotionally detoxing is key to having more money, abundance and opportunity in your life.​ You can have all the clarity you want, write and say affirmations all day long and express gratitude like it’s going out of fashion… but if you don’t detox the negative energy and emotions that you’re holding onto, you’ll always find yourself blocked and wondering what you’re doing wrong!

Does this sound intriguing, or are you getting triggered?

Either way, are you ready to hear more?

I know from working with clients and from my own experience, that negative emotions and energy weigh heavy on us. They literally bring us down and they lower our energetic vibration. Simply put, you can not attract more money, abundance and opportunity into your life if your vibration is low. Success, money and all the good stuff in life is high vibrational. Negative emotions and energy are low vibrational and therefore, you’re not a match for all that good stuff! Too often we look for all the reasons we don’t have what we want in life, but it really is this simple.

I see and feel so many people walking around with anger, resentment, bitterness, envy or sadness and they wonder why the things they want continue to evade them. Some even tell me they’re doing the work…. but dig a little deeper and they are simply using a Band-Aid to plaster over a wound that they are yet to heal. There are no quick fixes or miracle cures with this…. you need to be committed to yourself and to do the deeper work.

You may be able to put on a happy front and pretend that everything is okay, but your energy doesn’t lie! If you’re honest you already know this, just as you can sense when something is not right in someone else, or perhaps they are not being genuine… so can they with you!

If you don’t detox all the negative emotions and rubbish from the past, it WILL impact not only your health, but also how happy you feel, how much fun and pleasure you allow yourselves to have, your self esteem, your relationships and also how much success, money and abundance you attract.

The key is emotional detoxing!

You already know that I’m a massive fan of EFT and Energy Healing and the two blended together are life changing. They are the perfect way to help you with emotional detoxing, and with my unique approach, you are detoxing at a very deep level. All of this allows you to feel lighter, calmer and more connected to who you really are and what you want from your life. As well as having the success, money, abundance and opportunities that you desire. So let me help you…..

My group program Breakthrough To Abundance, is all about bringing you more money, opportunities and sucess…..that is always the tangible outcome and the most recent participants certainly gained this. BUT, at a deeper emotional level you will have more confidence and self esteem, your relationships will improve, your health will be positively impacted, you’ll release fear and negativity, you’ll stop sabotaging yourself and you’ll take action!! I want you to love life, enjoy what you do and have the perfect work life balance.

This is what Kelly BeJelly, founder of shared: ‘Marie’s program was pivotal in helping me find and clear an abundance block I have carried my entire life.  For the first time I can say I am in flow and money is showing up everywhere for me! Seriously one of the BEST investments I have made in my life’.

If you’re serious about making more money and doing it with ease, then check out the program here.

Until next time!


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Helping the empowered woman who is ready to banish negativity, self-doubt & self-sabotage forever – time to believe in yourself and take action!

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